Our Mission

We vow to produce the best tasting products on the market. We promise to research health benefits incessantly. We care about what we put in our bodies, so we make sure our medicine is as pure as possible.

We believe in a simpler world—one in which a village herbalist cultivates plants and crafts cures for their community. One in which medicine is grown under the sun, not in test tubes. One in which a conversation between two people determines the precise herbal blend needed to bring them back into balance, physically and spiritually. A reverence for nature, a philosophy of giving, and the quest for balance. It’s about doing what’s right for each individual, and in doing so restoring balance to the world.

That’s why we focus on heirloom cultivars grown on small farms. When a grower favors quality, they choose to grow outdoors even when their climate is cloudy. By giving up full sunlight that results in higher yields, the plant grows slower and holds on to its nutrients, resulting in better terpene retention and a more complex flavor profile. The result—a small batch harvest with a rare flavor profile that differs from region to region.

The Science

We are just scratching the surface of all that Cannabis Sativa has to offer. Medically, Both d-9-THC and CBD have been shown to induce apoptosis, or death of cancer cells. The raw acidic forms of cannabinoids are non-psychoactive, anti-inflammatories, anti-insomniacs, anti-tumor, antispasmodic, and neuro-regeneratives. Eating or juicing the raw plant, or even extracting the acidic form into capsules offers the potential for medical treatment without impeding mental abilities.

Cannabis Community

Growing and harvesting cannabis is a community effort. That same community manicures, processes, and delivers cannabis to patients who need it, oftentimes risking their own wellbeing to care for others. The cannabis community doesn’t only cultivate plants, but also human potential for kindness, openness, and healthy living. A new type of community is exactly what we’re building—one in which helping and healing take precedence.

We are a cooperative, which means that we value the people who contribute to our vision. We are building something bigger than a brand—a community based on awareness, respect, balance, and love.


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